• Company
  • Description
  • Recovery Amount
  • Community Health Systems
  • U.S. ex rel. Doghramji, et al. v. Community Health Systems, Inc., et al.
  • $97 million


Middle District of Tennessee

In a global whistleblower settlement resolving claims from seven qui tam lawsuits, G&E represented three relators in a case alleging healthcare fraud by Tennessee-based company Community Health Systems, Inc. (“CHS”). One of the nation’s largest hospital chains, CHS paid $97 million to resolve accusations that emergency room admissions were overstated at 120 hospitals in 20 states in a scheme to cheat federal and state insurance plans out of millions. The scheme to defraud the Medicare system dramatically compromised patients’ safety by unnecessarily hospitalizing patients, robbing legitimate patients truly in need of care. G&E, along with the U.S. Justice Department and several attorneys general from affected states, reached the historic settlement in August 2014, ensuring the integrity of Medicare.