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  • In re Del Monte Foods Company Shareholders Litigation


Delaware Chancery Court

G&E served as lead counsel in shareholder litigation that resulted in an unprecedented and immediate change in lending policy practices among major investment banks regarding the way the banks approach financing transactions in which they represent the seller. On February 14, 2011, the Delaware Chancery Court issued a ground-breaking order enjoining not only the shareholder vote on the merger, but the merger agreement’s termination fee and other mechanisms designed to deter competing bids. As a result of plaintiffs’ efforts, Del Monte Foods Co.’s Board of Directors was forced to conduct a further shopping process for the company. Moreover, the opinion issued in connection with the injunction has resulted in a complete change on Wall Street regarding investment banker conflicts of interests and company retention of investment bankers in such circumstances. An $89.4 million settlement against Del Monte and its investment bank Barclays Capital was reached.