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New York Supreme Court

G&E served as co-lead counsel in a class action in New York state court, brought on behalf of a class of seat holders of the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) challenging the proposed merger between the NYSE and Archipelago Holdings, LLC. The complaint alleged that the terms of the proposed merger were unfair to the NYSE seat holders, and that by approving the proposed merger, the members of the NYSE Board of Directors violated their fiduciary duties of care, loyalty and candor, because the transaction was the result of a process that was tainted by conflicts of interest, and the directors failed adequately to inform themselves of the relevant facts. The court denied the defendants’ motion to dismiss, and after expedited discovery, including over 30 depositions in a five week period, a preliminary injunction evidentiary hearing was held in which plaintiffs sought to postpone the vote on the merger until a new current fairness opinion was obtained from an independent financial advisor.  On the second day of the hearing, the defendants agreed to the relief being sought, namely a fairness opinion from an independent financial advisor.