• Company
  • Description
  • Recovery Amount
  • Pasha
  • U.S. ex rel. Bunk v. Pasha, et al.
  • $13 million


Eastern District of Virginia

G&E’sĀ False Claims Litigation Group represented a whistleblower in a qui tam action involving allegations of price-fixing and bid-rigging by companies providing moving and storage services for U.S. military service members. The whistleblowers, citizens of Germany, came forward and reported the False Claims Act violations to the U.S. Army in 2002, resulting in criminal convictions and fines for federal antitrust violations for a number of moving companies and at least one individual. A partial settlement of the False Claims Act allegations, totaling $13 million, was reached. The case set precedent for a foreign national to seek relief under the U.S. False Claims Act.