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Unlike many other firms, G&E uses only in-house systems and resources to perform all monitoring services, research, and case evaluation.  G&E’s portfolio litigation monitoring service is specifically designed to ensure a secure and reliable platform that meets the highest standards of information security.  These proprietary systems ensure that clients can be confident that their data is not being handled by a third-party.

Benefits of Portfolio Monitoring

Timely information makes institutional investors more effective watchdogs for their funds’ shareholders. Through portfolio monitoring, Firm clients:

  • Learn about existing and potential class action litigation in time to participate in a meaningful way as a lead plaintiff or class member;
  • Learn about corporate mismanagement, abuse and fraud that are damaging (or may damage) the client’s return on investment;
  • Discover situations where an individual, opt-out action would likely maximize the client’s loss recovery;
  • Avoid missing deadlines for filing legal claims and proxy resolutions; and
  • Prevent or minimize losses by pursuing opportunities to improve corporate governance.

G&E’s proprietary portfolio monitoring system gives institutional investors the opportunity to become aware of any legal action that may impact their investments and to evaluate their options at the earliest possible stage. Portfolio monitoring can also unveil opportunities for launching shareholder actions to improve corporate governance and accountability.

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