Firm Director Adam Levitt discusses Litigation Surrounding General Motors Ignition Switch Problem in a podcast interview on Ringler Radio

Larry Cohen and Mike Casey from Ringler Associates talk with Attorney Adam J. Levitt about the GM litigation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s role and ultimately what this ignition problem means for the car giant…… Click Here to listen to the full podcast.

Firm Managing Director Stuart Grant comments on a Board of Directors’ right to push back, interview on CNBC

Stuart Grant takes part in a discussion as to whether boards of directors are necessary for companies, and the importance of them pushing back. To view the April 24, 2014 CNBC interview…Click Here

National Coalition of Major Trial Firms Brings Class Action against General Motors Over Defective Key System

SAN FRANCISCO (March 24, 2014) – As General Motors braces for bruising investigations by Congress and federal regulators over its decade-long failure to correct faulty ignitions switches on several of its major car brands, GM now also faces a private class action filed by a group of GM consumers from nine states seeking economic recovery on behalf of a nationwide class for purchasing and/or leasing vehicles they allege the company knew were defective… Read the full Press Release

Grant & Eisenhofer Represents Whistleblower Accusing Celgene Corp. of Off-Label Marketing of High-Risk Cancer Drugs Derived from Thalidomide

LOS ANGELES/WASHINGTON (February 6, 2014) – Leading whistleblower law firm Grant & Eisenhofer P.A. represents a key whistleblower in a false claims lawsuit unsealed today against one of the nation’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ: CELG), involving charges of off-label marketing of two of its cancer treatment drugs…Read full Press Release

Firm Director Adam Levitt comments on Consumer Rights regarding Data Breach Issues

Bad News for Target: Judge Rejects Standing Defense in Sony Privacy Case

by Alison Frankel, 01/22/14 – Perhaps I was a bit too declarative last week when I predicted doom for consumer class actions based on Target’s alleged failure to protect the personal information of 70 million (or even more) customers. A ruling Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Anthony Battaglia of San Diego in consolidated data privacy breach litigation against Sony gives all of those plaintiffs lawyers who’ve filed privacy cases against Target reason to hope the suits will survive… Read the full report
(report reprinted from WestlawNext with permission of Thomson Reuters)