G&E’s complex pharmaceutical and medical device litigation group represents plaintiffs who have been significantly injured by defective drugs or devices that are developed and marketed by pharmaceutical companies.

Firm attorneys in G&E’s various practice areas have an unparalleled record of success against major health care product and service companies. Assisting these lawyers are physicians, epidemiologists, and biostatisticians, as well as other medical consultants and experts, including graduates of Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania. G&E’s lawyers work with these renowned consultants and experts to evaluate potential cases and provide the necessary legal and scientific analysis for each case.

Attorneys at G&E have represented injured plaintiffs, whistleblowers, federal and state governments, and defrauded investors in some of the largest and most successful actions against pharmaceutical companies in recent years. Significant recoveries and settlements in cases where G&E and its attorneys had a leading role include:

$2.3 billion settlement from Pfizer
$1.6 billion settlement from Abbott Laboratories
$1.4 billion settlement from Stryker Corporation
$1.04 billion settlement from GlaxoSmithKline
$922 million settlement from UnitedHealth Group
$257.4 million settlement from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
$237 million jury award against Pfizer
$215 million settlement from Merck & Co.
$52 million settlement from Abbott Laboratories
$24.9 million settlement from Amgen, Inc.

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