“As an associate at G&E, I’ve had the opportunity to work on exciting and consequential cases involving a range of legal issues, including securities litigation, consumer products class actions, shareholder suits for appraisal, and corporate torts. Each day represents a new opportunity to take on real responsibility in significant cases. It is an honor to work with and learn from experienced litigators who distinguish themselves by the quality of their practice and their commitment to their clients. I have gained invaluable experience and forged lasting friendships, and I look forward to what each new day might bring.”
Rebecca A. Musarra, Senior Counsel

G&E affords unique opportunities for lawyers at all stages of their careers to do meaningful, high-quality work right out of the gate. Unlike the defense model, which is primarily reactive, we drive litigation. And G&E gives you a great platform, with the resources to drive litigation at the highest levels. In an era when many lawyers who practice high-stakes corporate law suffer from burnout after a few years, I look forward to work each day and to a long career. I think that says a lot about G&E.
Nathan A. Cook, Director

“Joining G&E’ s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device group was the best decision I have ever made.  I am reminded every day that the work we do not only keeps drug and medical device companies accountable but it empowers consumers, gives them a voice, and provides an avenue to justice in an often scary and intimidating legal landscape. As a young Associate, I have been given significant opportunities to work alongside the country’s top legal minds. G&E is truly a unique place for attorneys looking to make a difference while gaining invaluable experience in a fast-paced, dynamic and collegial environment.”
Paige Alderson, Associate

“For me, representing injured and defrauded shareholders, workers, consumers, and others subject to the abuses of corporate power is both a vocation and a responsibility. I am surrounded by impeccably skilled, hard-working, and honorable litigators who share that calling. Every day is full equally of challenge and promise.”
Kyle J. McGee, Director

“I am truly fortunate to have begun my legal career at G&E. For a young attorney like myself, it’s a rare privilege to work alongside lawyers with such talent, intellect, and dedication to their craft—even the most senior and busiest of attorneys at G&E have their doors open for a quick question or conversation. I’m proud and excited to work on high-profile cases that consistently help shape the Delaware legal landscape, and whose complexity often presents us with unique challenges and learning opportunities. Together, these factors have made me a significantly better attorney over the course of my time with G&E, and I look forward to what the next years bring.”
Vivek Upadhya, Associate


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