G&E has achieved considerable benefits for shareholders in connection with mergers and other corporate transactions, and was recognized by Bloomberg in 2012 as the top plaintiffs’ law firm with a leading role in merger and acquisition settlements in which financial recoveries (as opposed to non-monetary recoveries, such as additional disclosures) were obtained for investors.

Firm attorneys have resolved multiple M&A cases resulting in not only billions of dollars in additional cash consideration to shareholders, but substantial reforms to terms of merger agreements that provide structural benefits to shareholders.

With its main office located in Delaware, G&E is renowned to the Delaware courts and has nearly two decades of experience litigating under Delaware law—including appraisal actions.

The Delaware Code requires that a shareholder be paid “fair value” for shares subject to appraisal, which requires that the corporation be valued at the time of the transaction. Appraisal laws were enacted to provide an alternative remedy to those shareholders who felt their shares were undervalued in a cash merger transaction.

G&E has represented numerous shareholder investors in appraisal actions, setting precedents for enforcing their rights, and recouping significant share value.