Helping Whistleblowers Protect Government Interests Under the Qui Tam Provisions
of the False Claims Act

The impact of corporate wrongdoing is not limited to shareholders and private consumers. When corporate fraud impacts governments, federal and state False Claims Acts allow whistleblowers – acting in the name of the government – the right to seek redress against any company, entity or person. Counsel at Grant & Eisenhofer work with whistleblowers in all phases of the process, from initial meetings with government officials through the litigation process.

Whistleblowers bringing suit under federal and state False Claims Act laws have enabled the government to recover more than $20 billion since 1986. These statutes generally allow the government to recover three times actual damages in addition to civil penalties for each invoice or false statement used to secure payment from the government.

Whistleblowers who initiate false claims cases are entitled to a portion of the money, or a bounty, generally ranging from 15 to 30 percent of the government’s total recovery. Since 1986, False Claims Act qui tam whistleblowers have been paid more than $2 billion in bounties.Attorneys at Grant & Eisenhofer have represented whistleblowers in some of the largest and most successful cases brought under the False Claims Act. To learn more about False Claims Act law, visit
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