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Alabama Teenager Fatally Shot By Police In Controversial Pre-dawn House Raid, Mother Turns to Grant & Eisenhofer Civil Rights Attorneys for Answers, Accountability

Delaware-based national firm, representing family of beloved 16-year-old Randall Adjessom

Mobile, AL (May 9, 2024) – The mother of the 16-year-old Mobile, Alabama teenager fatally shot last November by local police, in her house during the pre-dawn hours, has turned to the civil rights attorneys at the national law firm of Grant & Eisenhofer (G&E), to lead the family’s search for answers and accountability, the Firm announced today. The shooting, in which Randall Adjessom was killed in the Sheringham Drive home, has sparked intense, widespread political and community outrage, including calls for policing reform amid allegations of a systemic pattern of excessive use of force by Mobile Police against citizens of color.

Speaking on behalf of Mrs. Akouvi Adjessom, Randall’s mother, the G&E civil rights attorneys said, “Our team, that includes investigators and lawyers who are former prosecutors,  is in the early stages of conducting methodical, comprehensive fact-finding on behalf of the family of the totality of circumstances involving this unspeakable tragedy that has shocked the Mobile community to its core, surfacing deeply troubling questions about fundamental policing fairness and racial sensitivity, tactics (including warrant service in pre-dawn hours), training, and supervision.” They added, “The Adjessom Family is deeply appreciative for the support it has received from many – including numerous elected officials, civic organizations and faith leaders – since Randall died at only 16-years young; they are hopeful that working together – inspired by his spirit and humanity - in search of answers and accountability, “justice for all”, we can help lift a community they truly love.”

The legal team noted that the family was encouraged by many of the actions initiated, and statements made, in the aftermath of the incident. These included:

  • Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson reacted swiftly, ordering the police department to stop its controversial practice of making pre-dawn raids, such as the one in which Randall was killed, to serve warrants, and promptly appointing former U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown to conduct an independent, wide-ranging, top-down investigation into the Department, specifically focusing on recent incidents, including Randall’s killing. The probe pinpointed a police culture steeped in “unconstitutional and demeaning behavior toward Mobile’s Black community.”
  • Former Prosecutor Brown, announcing his findings after the three-month investigation, said the Police-SWAT response to the Adjessom home was “not activated for officer safety but due to a shortage of narcotics officers to search a house of that size . . . So, the most aggressive tool in your (policing) toolbox, and you use it because you have a manpower shortage.”
  • Some Members of Mobile City Council also condemned the raid and the senseless loss of life: "No pre-dawn raid should take place when children are at home. We shouldn't have that,” said Councilman Cory Penn. Added Councilman William Carroll, “Training is the issue here."
  • Robert Clopton, President of the Mobile NAACP, after the Brown Report was released and reviewed - and after his organization met with impacted families, including Randall’s - stated, “We formulated an opinion, and that is that an injustice was done.”

The investigating attorneys from G&E said they are looking forward to constructively working with the Mobile community, including its local government, as their inquiry progresses.

Coverage Note: The Family of Randall Adjessom respectfully requests all press inquiries be directed to Steph Rosenfeld; contact information appears below.

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