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Public Entity Litigation

G&E provides litigation services to public entities including state Attorneys General as well as state and local government agencies and municipalities. G&E works alongside its public clients to provide depth, resources, and specific skill sets to deliver the highest quality representation. The Firm takes a sophisticated, systemic approach when investigating and pursuing cases on behalf of governmental entities, and staffs each case with a team of highly qualified attorneys. With over two decades of experience representing public entities and achieving significant results, G&E is an established, nationwide leader in plaintiffs’ litigation.

G&E represents public entity clients in a wide variety of litigation matters, including:

  • Federal and State Securities Fraud (representing public pension funds and other investors in securities litigation and arbitration)
  • Environmental Litigation (representing states, municipalities, and other public entities, as well as individuals and businesses, injured by the misconduct of gas and utility companies, chemical manufacturers and suppliers, and industrial polluters)
  • Federal and State False Claims Act (representing whistleblowers who initiate litigation on behalf of federal or state governments)
  • Antitrust (representing public entities, such as public employee health plans, asserting claims for monopolization, illegal price fixing, illegal tying arrangements and other violations of antitrust law)
  • Consumer Fraud (representing Attorneys General and state consumer protection agencies, as well as individual consumers, injured by the fraudulent misrepresentation of providers of consumer goods and services)

G&E is currently leading a number of cases on behalf of state Attorneys General, municipalities, and other public clients across the country in these areas. To learn more about G&E’s public client representation practice, please contact Kyle McGee.

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Delivering high-quality representation to state Attorneys General and other public entities in a wide variety of litigation matters

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